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Diverse Movement Patterns of North America's Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina L.). 
Part 1:  Extremes of High and Low Site Fidelity Located in the IRCF Reptiles & Amphibians on-line journal, Volume 20: No. 2, June 2013, pages 53-74. The IRCF Journal is available on-line at no cost.

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Diverse Movement Patterns of North America's Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene Carolina).
Part 2: Circuits Across Expansive Habitat


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Diverse Movement Patterns of North America's Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina L.). 

Part 3: Shifts in Residency Fidelity

This third paper in the series examines individual turtles that showed remarkable fidelity to a very small area of habitat for extended periods, but then abruptly moved to settle into a new, confined sector and faithfully remained there for the next seires of years.


Photo-dependent Localized Color Development in the Eastern Box Turtle Carapace

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Pioneering Box Turtle Conservation Strategies at McKeever, Critical Background Issues. 


The following four articles appeared in the "Box Turtle Research and Conservation Newsletter" (BTRCN) Just click on their titles to go directly to the article. Many thanks to Mark Miller and the Philadelphia Herp Society for their help in getting this fourth pdf on-line. We could not have done it without you!    


- Some Box Turtle Conservation Issues BTRCN, 1996, 4: 13-14


- Survival Among Translocated Eastern Box Turtles  BTRCN, 1999, 8: 7


- Sexual Proclivity Among Translocated Male T. C. Carolina BTRCN, 1999, 8: 8


- Home Range Establishment by Translocated Eastern Box Turtles, pdf format.pdf; BTRCN, 1999, 8: 3-7 

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The following articles appeared in the "Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter" (TTN) 


The first two articles below appeared in older issues of  TTN (Nos. 1-8).  Just click on their titles to go directly to the article. 


A Nine Year Study of Eastern Box Turtle Courtship with Implications for Reproductive Success and Conservation in a Translocated Population (Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2000, 6:17-26) 


Putative Chipmunk Predation of Juvenile Eastern Box Turtles (Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2002, 5: 8-9)


The next five articles below appear in more current issues of TTN (Nos. 9 and up). 


These issues of TTN  are available with a subscription from Allen Press. If you hold a subscription you can link to these articles on the Chelonian Research Foundation website


- A Natural History of Ranavirus in an Eastern Box Turtle Population (Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2011, 15: 18-25)
- A Transmitter Attachment Method for Terrestrial Turtles, Designed to Protect the Radio Module from Mammalian Chewing"
  (Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2009, 14:18-21)
- How Do Male Box Turtles Find Mates? (Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2009, 13:11-21) 
- Soil Temperature and Nest Site Selection by the Eastern Box Turtle, Terrapene carolina carolina 
  (Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2007, 10:10-13)   
- Variable Production of Annual Growth Rings by Juvenile Chelonians (Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2007, 11: 10-13)


Update on Box Turtle Conservation Research at McKeever, published in Hemlock Pathways summer issue 2009.
Comments by Dr W. Belzer commending a ban of box turtle collecting 
(Presented at the PA-FBC Herp Advisory Committee meeting of 5/15/2000.)


The Box Turtle: Room with a View on Species Decline


Long-Term Movement Histories for Headstarted Juvenile, and Translocated Adult and Juvenile Eastern Box Turtles in NW Pennsylvania Sanctuaries. Abstract (Presented at the Third Box Turtle Conservation Workshop, November 9-10, 2007, London Town Public House and Gardens, Edgewater, Maryland, USA). Page 1, Page 2.
Field Observations of North America’s Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina). PHS Special Publication #2009_02 .
Terrapene Carolina (Eastern Box Turtle). Winter Mortality. (Herpetological Review, 2016, 2: 288-289)


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