August 21, 2016

Mrs. T's beak was quite red when I tracked her down this past week. I found her busy eating berries! Mrs. T. was donated to the EBTCT in 1998 after suffering a shell fracture. 

Her shell was repaired at Wildlife Works in Youngwood PA. We've been tracking her ever since - that is 18 years! 

Looks like her patch could use a camo upgrade and a little additional epoxy along the edges though- pretty good wear for all those years.

Update from Director and Turtle Tracker - Sue Seibert. You can contact Sue at

D4 - one of our very first hatchlings to be released at the sanctuary after being head-started. D4's mother was a turtle named "Janet" who had been in the study since 1997. Bill Belzer had named Janet after his sister. D4 hatched from one of the eggs Janet laid in 1999. The little hatchling was head-started for our study by a teacher in the Pittsburgh area,Tracy V. D4 returned and was released at the sanctuary in 2002. He has grown to be a beautiful big orange turtle. When I saw D4 today he was eating raspberries. Here is what he looks like : )
- Updates from Sue Seibert (Aug. 21, 2016)