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Donate to the trust 

The Eastern Box Turtle Conservation Trust (EBTCT) would
like to thank you for considering a donation.


Your gift will support our unique study of the 100+ turtles that we track in order to develop and assess possible strategies for rebuilding decimated box turtle populations. 


Our work includes:  


- Using radio telemetry to regularly monitor repatriated homeless Eastern Box Turtles, to ensure the safety and health of individual turtles;

- Providing therapeutic and medical intervention if and when the need arises. We utilize an infirmary in Oil City, PA, and have two Pennsylvania-licensed Wildlife Rehab colleagues who, with the help of their trained staff and veterinarian surgeons, treat the more severe cases.


- Operating a head-start program to insure future generations of turtles.


- Sharing what we learn on this website and through scientific journals.


Donations to support our work can be made via the Chelonian Research Foundation (CRF). Information about the foundation is available at their home page -   

CRF is an established tax exempt 501 (C) 3 conservation organization which manages funds for the EBTCT and other turtle conservation projects.  


If your donation is intended for the EBTCT, please be sure to specify that when you donate. If you send in a check, please write Donation/EBTCT in the memo line.


We would also appreciate being notified of any donations for the EBTCT made to the Chelonian Research Foundation so that we can be sure that your donation has reached the proper fund.


Also, please send your e-mail or other contact info, so we can thank you personally! 


Notification of your donation (along with any additional message, turtle story, or questions about our work) can be sent to: 


Sue Seibert -


Click HERE for a DONATION form to print and mail in.
Mail to:
Anders Rhodin
Chelonian Research Foundation
564 Chittenden Dr.
Arlington, VT  05250    USA



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