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Egg Laying

The Eastern Box Turtle typically produces 3 to 6 eggs per clutch and can store sperm for up to 5 years. This allows the turtle to lay hundreds of eggs throughout its lifetime. Unfortunately, only a portion of those eggs will survive due to predation from ants, raccoons, chipmunks, etc.

Pictured below is a female Eastern Box Turtle, Murphy, seen laying a clutch of eggs. She laid 6 eggs on June 12th, 2018 after which we gently uncovered and retrieved for incubation (to increase the chance of survival). The eggs will take approximately 55-70 days to hatch in the incubator and the new juvies will be released onto the sanctuary when they are ready.

Eastern Box Turtle, Murphy, is seen laying a clutch of eggs.
Picture captured by Jessica Good.

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